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Market changing technology

Our technology through our collaborative working partners has created game changing performance as well as reductions in weight and size across Fuel Cell, DC/DC, H2 pressure vessels along with all our safety and management systems to deliver real world usable power.

Growing market

With governments around the world now committing vast resources to the hydrogen economy, the Hydrogen Council is forecasting that by 2050, hydrogen will power:


• More than 400 million passenger cars worldwide

• Providing 18% of the world's total energy needs.

• Up to 20 million trucks and 5 million buses

• And create 30 million jobs globally


Hydrogen is nature’s battery, the lightest and most plentiful element in the Universe, providing endlessly recyclable, scalable energy storage, to complement green electricity made with wind, waves, and solar energy.

The amazing thing about hydrogen is that when it is used to make electricity, it simply combines with oxygen to make water, and is ready to be used again. Long after we have exhausted every resource from below the Earth’s crust, hydrogen will remain the most abundant element in the Universe… 

So, don’t believe those who suggest Batteries vs Hydrogen is VHS/Betamax II - it’s not. The future storage of electricity will be multi-facetted, and while batteries will certainly continue to play an important role, if we are to save our planet, we must embrace hydrogen now.

DFT UK Shore 

DfT launches UK SHORE to take maritime ‘back to the future’ with green investment

UK Shore office dedicated to making maritime greener will pioneer new technology that could make journeys by sea as green as they were hundreds of years ago.

£206 million new funding to accelerate research into and development of clean maritime technologies and create skilled jobs across the country.

Taking steps to cement the UK’s role as a world leader in shaping the future of transport, the government will create its first office purely dedicated to making maritime greener – pioneering new research and development of technology.

Dedicated to creating a world free from shipping emissions, UK SHORE will implement a comprehensive research and development programme, including a multi-year CMDC, and will work in partnership with industry to tackle supply and demand issues with shipbuilding and help build greener vessels – from cruises to tankers and leisure boats.

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