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Tomorrow's propulsion starts today

Greener and cheaper than fossil fuels, more convenient than batteries: is it any wonder that so many major corporations are now investing in green hydrogen?
Our Hydrogen propulsion systems will be retrofittable to customer vessel's, from smaller yachts to industrial tankers and everything in-between.

Our promise

Never stop creating, developing and aiming to achieve net-zero ocean travel and to explore every option available to us as our technology, knowledge and understanding allows.
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Maritime H2

Our road map starts in the yacht and cruise segments with later phases being adopted once we prove our value chain and data metrics. 

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The maritime sector, which accounts for approximately 2.9% of global carbon emissions, is seeking to meet broader climate goals such as the Paris Agreement and 'Fit for 55' in Europe. Since it is the largest vessels, such as sea-going cargo vessels, which tend to contribute the most to maritime emissions, this presents a huge challenge.
we will prove our vision and dedicate our time to solving the growing issues surrounding clean ocean travel. 
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