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The path to a sustainable marine future

Emerald Ocean was born out of a passion to do better in all aspects of marine travel. We want to achieve a near-zero impact experience on the environment and be able to enjoy luxury island hopping, blue water cruising and exploration, Expanding into the commercial shipping sector, without the current levels of pollution, in all its forms.

Image by Nicholas Doherty

Better for the ocean, better for the planet

With the oceans covering over 70% of the planet, and home to most of the life on earth, ocean pollution is a significant issue that we must overcome as a society. After many decades of increasing fossil fuel use, single- use plastic and offshore drilling, over 500 marine locations are now recorded as ‘dead zone’ globally.

Innovation - driven solutions

The ability to switch to hydrogen and alternative forms of energy, in particular, will prove to be a major advance for the yachting and other sectors. Such forms of propulsion are not only emissions-free and reliable, but may also be combined with existing on-board generation solutions.

Power forward

Emerald Ocean will partner with key marinas, ports and other relevant infrastructure, to enable building of commercial renewable  hydrogen refueling stations in key locations. This will be a significant step to delivering our goals. Another expectation is to collaborate with developers of floating marine platforms which serve as offshore ports and energy hubs.

Next generation technologies

Working closely with our partners we are developing propulsion systems that will offer the marine industry realistic distance and performance metrics that can be used in, for example, luxury yacht charter, marine exploration, commercial shipping, haulage and blue ocean cruising.


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Concept Creation 

We had one question that led us on to many more, “Can one realistically have a luxury yacht adventure while being caring to the oceans we travel”.



Building advisory board 

Our idea was conceived and brought to life through a collaborative board of advisory members.


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